How Much Radon is Found in Danbury CT

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How Much Radon is Found in Danbury CT

Many people moving to Danbury CT ask “How Much Radon is Found in that area?” Although an exact answer isn’t entirely clear, CT Radon Pro will give you the clearest answer possible. According to a state wide study, the risk level for potential presence of radon in Danbury CT is low-moderate (16%). Although this is just an estimate, so you won’t be entirely sure until you actually have your home tested by a professional. Whether you live in Danbury or another city, you can find your potential risk for radon by viewing this map. Additionally, if you’d like to learn more about what radon is and why it’s harmful, then keep reading.

What is Radon?

Simply said, radon is a radioactive gas sometimes found in homes. It can be found in every area of the country. More importantly, it’s concerning because the Surgeon General cites radon as a cancer-causing agent. The CT Department of Public Health recommends all homes be tested for radon gas. If elevated levels are found, then it should be reduced to acceptable levels. Fortunately, there’s simple and common techniques for reducing radon in the air or water of your home.

Where is Radon Found?

To continue, radon is found in soil, water, and air. It’s originally produced in soil due to the breakdown of radium. Because it’s a gas, it can move out of the soil and into the air. Levels are often found highest in the basement because it’s closest to the soil. The Radon enters through cracks and other openings in the foundation. Also, it’s been demonstrated that radon can readily move right through intact concrete floors. Even homes built on concrete slabs or over crawl spaces can still have significant radon levels from this route of entry.

How Do I Get Rid of Radon?

Fortunately, there’s simple and proven techniques for radon reduction. Professional equipment is used to vent the radon out of the house instead of going into your basement and rising throughout your home. It’s important you call CT Radon Pro to install the system, rather than try to do it yourself or have an unlicensed person do it for you. Reducing your family’s health risk depends upon the system working properly, as well as being properly maintained. Contact JR Dockendorff Environmental for a FREE consultation today!

No matter what levels of elevated radon are found, it’s critical you call us instead of trying to do it yourself. JR Dockendorff Environmental will help keep your family safe from elevated levels of radon in Danbury CT with a properly installed reduction system.

How Much Radon is Found in Danbury CT