Radon in Old Lyme CT

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Radon in Old Lyme CT

Radon in Old Lyme CT

There is a substantial amount of Radon found in Old Lyme CT. Approximately 1 home in 15 across the nation has unacceptably high radon levels, but in CT alone it’s 1 in 3. Old Lyme has one of the highest potentials in CT to have radon present within homes.

According to the EPA, Old Lyme CT is in a Radon Zone of 1. This is also known as the Red zone. Zone 1’s have the highest potential to have radon present inside. Levels that are greater than 4 pCi/L (picocuries per liter) are above recommended levels assigned by the EPA. However, it’s suggested you test your home regardless of which radon zone you’re in.

Continue reading for more information about radon, where it’s found, and what steps to take if your levels are elevated.


According to the EPA, the negative pressure caused by wind causes radon levels to rise inside homes. It’s also known that rain, snow, and sleet captures radon in the air and pulls it into the ground. This causes the level of radon to rise in the soil. You can never be 100% sure of your homes radon levels until you have your home tested. Our knowledgable and trustworthy team at JR Dockendorff Environmental is waiting for your call when you’re ready to test your home. We’ve been serving CT residents for years, and have one of the most reputable names in the industry. We’re known for our competitive prices and customer satisfaction guarantee. Regardless if you live in Old Lyme, or another CT city, you can view this map to see how your homes potential risk for radon. If you’d like to learn more, then keep reading below for more information.

What is Radon?

Simply stated, radon is a radioactive gas created in the soil. It sometimes rises into homes and businesses through the basement foundation. It can be deadly if left untreated because it can lead to lung cancer. The CT Department of Public Health recommends you test your home regularly. If our team finds elevated levels in your home, then appropriate measures will be taken to mitigate it.

The city of Old Lyme encourages residents to test their homes for radon regularly. If you’ve never had your home tested, or you’ve undergone a new construction then it’s especially important to schedule a test.

To learn more about radon, you can also visit the site below:

Environmental Protection Agency


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