Radon Testing Newtown CT

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Radon Testing and Removal in Newtown CT

Radon Testing and Removal in Newtown CT

Are you searching for reliable radon testing and removal in Newton, CT? Contact JR Dockendorff Environmental for the best service! For high-quality radon testing and removal, we truly are the best choice! As a homeowner, it feels like there are a million things to keep up with, and most of those things get placed on the back burner. Knowing and understanding the radon levels in your home is crucial for your family, and we must stress having them checked immediately! Do you know where to begin on your search? Here is a list of some top factors to take into account when selecting a radon mitigation company in Newton, CT.

How Can We Help?

Firstly, the most important thing to consider when selecting a company to perform radon mitigation is its certification status. Importantly, this is the only true way to know that the company that you let into your home is qualified to perform the work. It takes a highly skilled professional to locate where potential radon is coming from in your home. You can rest assured, that JR Dockendorff stays current with our certification, and continued education. Radon is tricky in that it has no flavor, smell, or color. Furthermore, this makes it incredibly easy for an uncertified company to lie about completing the job. A specific test must be performed in order to detect it and prove its presence.

Cost of Installation and Operation

Secondly, another important factor is the cost of installation and operation. At JR Dockendorff, we are happy to help you find the best radon mitigation system for your home or establishment. It is important to note, that the options are based on the foundation, size, and volume of radon on your property. Unlike other companies, we provide affordable options that won’t add stress to your life.

The Proof is in the Techniques

Lastly, there’s more than one way to perform radon mitigation. In fact, there are several. Your unique situation is the deciding factor in which technique the company should use. With over 25 years in the business, you can be confident that JR Dockendorff is equipped with the knowledge and tools to perform the job correctly. To learn more about what we do and to schedule an appointment, call 860.213.2982 today. You can also visit our website for more information.

Radon Testing and Removal in Newtown CT