Radon Testing Old Lyme CT

August 30, 2023 | Uncategorized

Radon Testing Old Lyme CT

Trust JR Dockendorff Environmental LLC for radon testing in your Old Lyme CT home.  If you’re a homeowner in Old Lyme CT, ensuring the safety of your family and loved ones is a top priority. One often overlooked but crucial aspect is radon. At JR Dockendorff Environmental LLC, with over a decade in the business and more than two and a half decades of experience in radiation safety and lab analysis for radioactive materials, we understand the importance of keeping your home safe from radon exposure.

Radon is a colorless and odorless radioactive gas that can seep into your home through the ground. Prolonged exposure to high levels of radon can pose serious health risks, including an increased risk of lung cancer. This is where our expertise as a Certified Radiation Safety Officer comes into play. We specialize in radon testing, utilizing advanced equipment to accurately measure radon levels in your home.

Why should you choose us for radon testing in Old Lyme CT?

Our extensive experience in radiation safety and lab analysis uniquely positions us to provide you with reliable results and expert recommendations. Being a local company, we understand the specific geology and construction styles of the area, which can impact radon levels.

Here’s what our radon testing process entails:

Consultation: We’ll discuss your needs and concerns, answering any questions you may have about the radon testing process.

Testing: Our precise testing equipment will be set up in your home to monitor radon levels over a period of time. This could be a few days to a few months, depending on your preference.

Analysis: After the testing period, we’ll analyze the collected data to determine the radon levels in your home.

Recommendations: Based on the results, we’ll provide you with recommendations. If high radon levels are detected, we can assist you in taking the necessary steps to mitigate the issue and lower the radon levels in your home.

Your family’s health is priceless, and radon testing is a vital step in ensuring their safety. Contact JR Dockendorff Environmental LLC today for reliable radon testing services in Old Lyme CT. With our extensive experience and commitment to radiation safety, we’re here to help you create a healthier home environment. Call for an appointment today: 860-213-2982.


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